What to Expect from Wonderwink

High-quality manufacturers of medical professional wear, such as wonderwink, offer..

What to Expect from Wonderwink

High-quality manufacturers of medical professional wear, such as wonderwink, offer a wide variety of materials, styles, and fits for comfort and flexibility. Department store scrubs tend to be of low quality, which means they will not last long. Colors will fade, stitching will fray, and fibers will wear out fast. A low cost will not save any money if the clothing has to be replaced often.

Materials in Combination

Materials are selected to accommodate any type of duties performed. The origins line, for example, consists of scrub pants and shirts that are made of one-hundred brushed cotton. Some are made of sixty-five percent polyester and thirty-five percent cotton. This line is preferred by doctors and nurses in offices.

Direct care professionals will want to try the “Four-Stretch” or “FLEX” lines for maximum flexibility. Shifts are spent twisting, lifting, bending, and reaching so the clothing has to move with the professional. Scrubs also have to be durable because they will get wet, stained, pulled, and stretched often throughout those ten to twelve-hour shifts. Cotton, spandex, and a poly-stretch material are used in combination to control moisture, stretch in all directions, and still be comfortable.

Other Features of High-Quality

Double stitching is found in high-quality brands for durability. The scrubs can be washed over and over without threads coming loose. Seams can be pushed to the limit and remain intact. That is crucial when responding to an emergency, preventing a fall, or leaning into a whirlpool tub.

Pockets are another feature that is superior to low-quality scrubs. Two large pockets are standard and do hold many items, but things can get lost in them. A pen, a thermometer, a portable pulse oximetry device, notes, scissors, and any keys needed for the medication or storage room all in one pocket can be a nightmare when retrieving anything. A special scissor pocket, a mesh compartment within the large front pocket, and a small breast pocket help people remain organized and save time.


High-quality scrubs may be priced slightly higher than the department store ones, but they are more cost-effective because they will not have to replaced as often. Compare prices because the difference may only be one or two dollars per item. Affordable scrubs do not have to be cheap ones.